How to Backup Firefox Extensions, Bookmarks, Themes, and Preferences?

How to BackUp Firefox Extensions, Bookmarks, Themes, and Preferences

When you switch from one computer to another, you need to set up Firefox extensions, bookmarks, themes, and preferences all over again. Well, it actually doesn’t have to be like that. Because this process would take...

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How to Block and Unblock Websites with Firefox?

How to Block and Unblock Websites with Firefox

Many parents decide on using Firefox as their main internet browser as it allows them to block content that might be inappropriate for children. The same goes for the employers who want to keep distracting sites...

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How to Reset Mozilla Firefox Settings?

How to Reset Mozilla Firefox

Problems with Mozilla Firefox happen rarely, which is why this browser is one of the most popular in the world. Furthermore, some issues are solved with a simple reset. For example, if there are too many add-ons...

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How to Change Firefox Download File Location?

How to change download file location in firefox

If you’re using Windows, the files you download with Firefox will be stored in the folder called “Downloads”. This is set by default, but it doesn’t mean you can’t change it. If another destination suits you...

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